REX CR-M chest rig — EMR1

REX CR-M chest rig — EMR1

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EMR1 materials are IR Resistant


General REX features:

  • Use variability
  • Multifunctional
  • REX gear compatible
  • RAPTOR clothes compatible


Can be used:


Can be supplemented with:


REX CR-M chest rig


Medium size chest rig. Multifunctional pouches for ammunition, radio and other things. Easy to use, quick adjustment.

  • four open top mag pouches with cord holder and velcro panel inside. For compact radio, smoke grenade, pistol like Glock 17 - Glock 19.
  • two small pouches with velcro valves and volume adjustment cords for pistol mag, compact radio, multitool, grenade.
  • two side pouches with regulated valve for mags or grenades. For pistol like Glock 17 - Glock 19.
  • grenade pouch with rubber band and regulated valve with fastex.
  • back flat pocket for documents with velcro valves.
  • large back velcro panel: compatible with REX plate carrier, additional velcro pouches.
  • regulated sling system.
  • back sling velcro.
  • strengthened fasteners.
  • material Nylon 500D.


Product can be visually a bit different in small details than on photos. Manufacturer can improve construction of any product, change materials and additional details used in production without notifing customer.

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